Philippe Beaudette
Director of Community



Philippe Beaudette is Director of Community Advocacy for the WIkimedia Foundation, the non-profit that supports and protects Wikipedia and its sister sites, which together comprise the fifth most popular family of sites on the internet.  Philippe first joined the Wikimedia Foundation staff as Facilitator of the Strategic Planning project in July 2009. At the completion of the strategic planning project, he became Head of Reader Relations, and led the 2010 Annual Giving campaign, raising more than $30 million in the shortest fundraising campaign the Foundation had ever had. In February 2012, he was promoted to Director of Community Advocacy and assigned to the Legal and Community Advocacy team, where he and his team lead strategic change management and work to support Wikimedia’s community of editors, curators,  and archivists, who bring the sites to more than half a billion people each month.  In addition, his team handles trust and safety issues, child protection,  and manages a far-flung portfolio of other activities, including most of Wikimedia’s “customer service” functions (which are staffed by volunteers, working closely with Foundation staff).

Prior to becoming a staff member he was a Wikimedia community member, and outside Wikimedia, had a background in American electoral politics, where he worked as Deputy Campaign Manager, Operations Manager and Technology Director on a number of state and federal campaigns, as well as for the non-profit Progressive Alliance Foundation. He also worked as a technology consultant in the for-profit sector in the United States, Italy and the United Kingdom.

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