The OC Tribe Meetup

We’re going to gatecrash the OC Tribe meetup. Expect drinks, snacks, maybe a continuation of the challenge. They will probably have a speaker at the event too. Meet a few more of your local community professionals. Explore. Dream. Discover.   It all begins again tomorrow!

Closing Remarks

This is the end. We’ll wrap things up with a few closing remarks to make you leave feeling warm and fuzzy. Tears might flow, hugs might be exchanged, and then we’ll head to the OCTribe meetup down the road (directions provided).

The Epic Closing Sessions

This is 90 minutes of problem-solving madness (in an open, structured, well-moderated, format). We’re going to open up the stage to you to share your ideas, discussion your problems, explains how we might tackle it, and let everyone participate. Be prepared to speak for a few minutes on this one.

Afternoon Break

This will be much like the morning break. Talk to people, help each other solve challenges, build fruitful relationships, and participate in our challenge. Or just chill, it’s up to you.

Building real community skills (influence and relationships)

Everyone of us will declare that relationships and influence are core community building skills, but few of us every try to improve upon them. We’re shy and nervous about admitting we could be better. But what if we could be better? Much better? This session will go deep into the idea of building external influence, […]


This is just a lunch. Talk to people, check your e-mail, or join in our ongoing challenge. Take a breather before we hit the afternoon hard.

Platform Optimization

Nearly all of us want to improve our platforms. This session will show you how. We’re going to outline the process of selecting a platform, highlighting the core challenges, invite you to share your platform advice, and then work through how each of us can improve our platforms.

Morning Break

You didn’t expect a real break did you? We’ll provide coffee and snacks while we invite you to participate in a little competition.  You can join in, chat to colleagues, or check your e-mail.

Growing your community

In this opening session, we’re going to tackle the challenges involved in growing a community, converting newcomers into regulars, scaling a community, and measuring the process.

Welcome and Breakfast Snacks

You can arrive from 8am to meet and speak with your fellow attendees. Say hi! Connect with one another. Read up on our material. Get to know who is who. Have coffee & breakfast.