FeverBee's SPRINT Europe

On Feb 24 to 25th, Europe's top 250 community professionals are going to SPRINT in London. Will you be one of them?

WHEN 24 - 25 February 08:00 - 17:00
WHERE London, UK Royal Institution of Great Britain


Share Practical, Relevant, Ideas and New Tactics

Are you ready to SPRINT?

On February 24 - 25, the top 250 community professionals in Europe will be gathering in London for FeverBee's SPRINT Europe.

You can now download the full agenda, click here

Day 1 will be an intensive workshop with us at FeverBee and friends. Day 2 will be a more traditional conference. This event will be dedicated to one thing, sharing practical actions from top speakers to increase activity in your community.

Day 1 - Workshop (February 24)

FeverBee workshops are not like any workshop you’ve ever attended.

We’re going to explain a lot of core concepts about building community. We’re going to highlight things we think are going wrong and showcase numerous examples of best practice.

But, better than that, you are going to teach each other what you know. We don’t have a monopoly of community knowledge.

We want you to know what your big challenge is. We’re going to help you think about that challenge in a different way and connect you with people who can ensure you smash it.

You will participate. You will speak to people. You will be put in groups with people most like you. You will walk away with brand new skills that you can immediately apply to your community efforts.

Day 2 - Conference (February 25th)

Our goal with the conference is to get the world's top speakers to share their most practical ideas.

The line-up is the best I've ever seen for any European community event and includes Google, Pearson, Hootsuite, Etsy, MacMillan, Bosch, Emoderation, Lithium, FeverBee, and many more.


These speakers are going to SPRINT

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